PHOTON - V11.1 Release Note

SLAC (Structured Light Automatic Calibration)

  • Introducing NVZ SLAC (imperceptible automatic alignment)

    • Based on years of internal RnD, now allows to automatically align large quantities of projectors without disturbing your audience by projecting subtle patterns that can be imperceptible to most people's eyes.

    • Continuous alignment mode allows to run NVZ SLAC continuously and improve projection alignment over time while your show is running.

  • Improved GFS (super High speed mode)

    • Now working seamlessly with large quantities of cameras/projectors.

    • Entirely optimized on GPU for smooth and quick experience.

    • Calibrate large projection installations in less than 2 seconds per projector.

  • SLAC improvements

    • Camera resolution for multiview is now fetched directly from the camera.

    • MJPEG mode is now forced to the camera in NVZ and GFS Mode.

    • Added Gaussian Dots pattern support for normal acquisition.

    • Added Optitrack standard Prior Focal Length lenses.

    • Added Calibration adjustment from Reference concept. Select a reference, then only apply a new calibration if optical centers and Intrinsic calibration parameters are close enough to their reference.

    • Added SLAC progress report and Completion ETA.

    • Added an option to filter mirror reflections (Advanced Menu).

    • Automated selection of camera/projector pairs.

    • Overall UI improvements.

  • Calibration report list

    • Each calibration is now saved (up to the last 100), which allows comparing and investigating calibrations over time.

  • Point Cloud Alignment

    • ICP Improvements: Changes to the number of samples and the inlier distance, it help the algorithm find the best alignment possible.

    • Robustness improvement: Added a new outlier rejection mechanism to make the algorithm more robust when there are many outliers or when one point cloud is a subset of the other.

    • Sampling Methods: Two new model sampling methods based on normals to improve the algorithm's convergence.

    • Projective Transform: Improved accuracy, now estimating target and source normals if not provided.

Graph FX and Particles

  • The Relighting FX feature has been improved with the addition of multi-light support.

    • You can now add up to 128 simultaneous virtual point lights using blob input.

  • New time source options for the Time Code FX.

    • Additional options for time sources in the Time Code FX allow flexibility in what time the effect displays. New options are available in the Time source combo:

  • NEW FX: Range Visualizer.

    • Highlights out-of-range pixels.

  • Support for multiple numerical outputs (as a single vector) in the OSC Client graph node.

  • Improved "DMX Mapping" graph node performance.

  • NEW FX Graph node: Flock Force.

    • Implementation of the flocking behavior to produce boids models with the particles.

  • Introducing a new Particle renderer node: Mesh Renderer.

    • Enables rendering 3D particles, including animated 3D models.

  • Preliminary support for animated FBX models in particle rendering.

  • Voxelizer and Lidar can now interact with particles.

    • Voxel input enables each particle to be affected by optical flow from the Voxelizer, allowing trackerless natural interaction with particle systems.

    • Particle Emitter Node now includes controls for controlling the simulation speed as well as freezing and reversing particle simulation at any moment.

  • Unreal:

    • Perfect alignment between Photon and Unreal using FOV and Lens Shift through Unreal SceneCapture2D.

Voxelizer (Markerless Tracking)

  • Improved filtered rendering:

    • Better Raymarch Filtering to help eliminate stepping artifacts in the rendering.

  • Optical Flow:

    • Added 3D Optical Flow to apply forces to particles.

  • Background Removal

    • Background Load/Save slots allow support for multiple simultaneous Voxelizers.

    • Auto Load Background after a restart/reload and Background Reset button.

  • FX rendering:

    • Added multi-light source Blinn shading using Blobs as light sources and Shadow rendering for projector POV.

  • Fixes:

    • Fixed unwanted blending accumulation in Blur and Erosion Filter.

    • Fixed large voxel resolution bug.


  • The preload media option is now disabled by default.

  • Timeline Editing: Shortcut to trim clips to fade-in/out points.

    • Trim using Ctrl+Shift+[ or Ctrl+Shift+] to consider the beginning or end of a transition.

  • Snap playhead to fade in/out values.

  • Visual cue when a clip snaps to the playhead.

  • Visual cue when a region snaps to the playhead.

  • New DMX clip icon.

    • Display icon when the media clip is linked to a fixture.

  • New media clip icons.

    • Icon for media type (image vs. video).

    • Icon if frame blending is enabled.

  • Ability to frame selected clips from Clip Properties using the shortcut [F].

  • Improved Clips Cache now evaluates all clip types.

  • Added the ability to specify universal cross-fade delay threshold.

  • Photon's new synchronization mechanism supports Nvidia Gsync, allowing perfect multi-server frame accuracy and smoother playback.

Color Management

  • REC2100 colorspace and PQ curve are now supported for color transformation, allowing for even more accurate and vibrant colors.

  • The Color Picker is now an independent module, making it more user-friendly and streamlined. It can directly be accessed with a simple shortcut: [Alt+Y].


  • Adding uv_remap and uv_offset FXs.

    • UV Remap FX allows users to change an object's texture by using a UV pass to replace it with another. On the other hand, the UV Offset FX applies a relative offset to the source coordinates, allowing it to shift by a few texels in its surroundings.

  • UV Preview with Hierarchy rendering.

    • Users can now preview an assembled version of UVs inside a hierarchy of objects. This tool lets users see the UV clusters of each object that makes up a hierarchy rendering and allows them to snap the texture to clusters independently.

  • UV conversion and realtime splitting improvements (automatic media slicing for multi-server super high-resolution playback).

    • Added splitting support for Virtual Projector and LED screen

    • Added LED preview and timeline preview splitting support.

File Manager

  • Export CSV.

    • Now includes an index column.

    • Export CSV index starts at 1.

    • "Hide original" option is now considered.

  • New File Manager filters

    • File Sequence: Groups .seq files and their associated VCI files.

    • Converted: Groups only converted VCI files.

    • Originals: Groups only imported original files.

      Ignores and disables the hide originals toggle automatically.

  • New LED splitting on conversion support.

    • The systems can automatically crop the required slice of video at conversion for each playback machine based on its connected LED processor coverage.

  • Notch blocks now appear in used/unused Filters.

  • P2P version 2023.

    • New and improved high-performance internal transfer engine for File Manager is now P2P v3, resulting in significantly better performance on high bandwidth networks.

3D Scene

  • Improved 3D object transparency rendering.

  • Virtual Projectors performance optimization:

    • Introducing vertex clipping mechanism to reduce the amount of pixels rasterized.

  • FBX SDK update to 2020.3.1


  • Greatly improved Font Rendering.

  • Redesigned Scalable interface (4k compatible) with redesigned iconography.

  • Maximizable windows now have a dedicated indicator icon and can restore the original size.

  • Added instant search in all combo boxes.

  • Keyframe Editor now follows the zoom factor.

  • Improved shortcuts consistency .

    • Albion Monitoring shortcut is now ALT+SHIFT+A

    • Profiler shortcut is now ALT+P

    • Undo Manager is now ALT+SHIFT+U


  • Livox

    • New support for AVIA's repetitive pattern and high-sensitivity options. Livox Avia can switch between a wide-angle pattern and a very narrow vertical FOV pattern (almost like a Lidar plane).

    • New Support for the latest Livox Lidars production model HAP.

  • Projector control

    • Introducing a new basic control feature for the Christie HS series.

  • Live input

    • Significant improvements to Black Magic Decklink input cards support. The System now supports Quad Link 3G-SDI (up to 8K) along with 10-bit YUV and multi-input support.

  • Network Show Control

    • The GET_SYSTEM_STATE command will now provide the current task's percentage (%) in its reply.

    • The new REMOVE_MEDIA command can now delete media from the Media Library, including files in playlists and the content folder.

  • DMX

    • DMX layer control of "media index" now starts at 1. 0 means "No Media".

    • DMX layer control performances using a "media index" with many media files are greatly improved.

    • DMX Show Control value is now applied to its linked parameter only on value change.

    • DMX timeline control of "region index" now starts at 1. 0 means "Do Nothing."


  • Improved logs when PHOTON connects or disconnects from projectors.

  • Improved log messages in case of errors when pressing on "NVIDIA Control Panel" from the Settings window.

  • Improved "Log Manager" internal networking pipeline.

  • Prevent overzealous logging from PJLink projectors.

  • Reduce the number of log entries for missing VCI / VCD files.

  • Complain only once about excess cameras in a project.


  • You can save a project using the Shadow module without recording other actions.

    • The project will be saved in a shadow session if no recording types are selected (e.g. mouse, PSN...).

Network Assistant

  • A new option to delay the startup of VNA to allow all system resources to complete boot.


  • New FREE and DOWNLOADABLE version Tachyon Learning.

    • 2x watermarked output.

    • Please download, learn, test and have fun at

  • Added Virtual Projector support in the 3D Scene.

  • Added Composer clip support in Timeline.

  • Added FBX support.

  • Various UI improvements.

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