File Manager: Playlists


Select {Show > File Manager} or press [Alt+F].

1. Create and Name a Playlist

  1. Click on the [+ icon] button to create a Playlist.

  2. To rename the Playlist, do one of the following actions:

    • Select the Playlist and press [F2];

    • Double-click the Playlist;

    • Right-click the Playlist and select {Rename Playlist}.

2. Import a File into a Playlist

  1. Select the Playlist where the file will be imported.

  2. Select [Import] button or press [Ctrl+shift+I]. Use the file dialog window to select one or multiple files.

  3. Click on the [Open] button.

  4. The file(s) will be imported and converted as usual and be added to the selected playlist.

3. Add or Remove a File from a Playlist

To add a file to a Playlist:

  1. Click-drag a file from the Media File List onto a Playlist.

To remove a file from a playlist:

  1. Select the file from the file list.

  2. Right-click the file and select {Remove From Playlist}.

4. Export a Playlist as a .CVS File

  1. Right-click on the Playlist and select {Export CSV} from the contextual menu.

  2. Write the .CSV file name in the text field and click on the [Export] button.

5. Delete a Playlist

  1. Select the Playlist from the list

  2. Right-click on the Playlist and select {Delete playlist}. (This action delete only the playlist, not the files it referenced.)

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