2D Video Rendering


Select {System > Tools > Rendering} or press [Alt+R].

  1. Click on the folder icon to open the file dialog window.

  2. Browse and select a destination folder.

  3. Name the output video file and press Export.

  4. Set the Output Resolution by adjusting the Width and Height sliders.

  5. Set the In and Out Points on the Timeline.

  6. Set the Frame Rate. (It should match your project and medias’ frame rates.)

  7. Select an option from the MSAA dropdown menu to set the level of anti-aliasing.

  8. Select the render Format.

    • VCI: to keep the video in PHOTON (flatten a composition for example).

    • MP4: to export a reference video.

  9. Select the render Output Mode.

    • Output Mode: 2D renders the UV texture of a Screen. 3D renders the 3D Scene in its current state.

    • Sequence: Select which Sequence to render (only available in 2D Mode).

    • Screen: Selects the screen to render (only available in 2D Mode).

  10. Activate the [Record] toggle and wait for the task to finish.


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