6. Interactive Lighting Fixture Control

In order to use Copernics fitted on mobile props or performers to control moving lights pan and tilt you need to:

  • Have completed successfully the steps contained in the “PHOTON grandMA Project Link”;

  • Have established through the console a DMX merge so PHOTON and the grandMA can access the fixtures (VYV recommends using a LoTP type of merge since a blocker in the 3D Scene or a pan/tilt limit might trigger an automatic fade-out for the fixture).

  • Have applied the output option to the control stream mode of your lighting fixtures in PHOTON. In order to do so, go back to PHOTON, open the 3D Scene module by pressing [Alt+C] or by selecting {System > 3D Scene}. Group-select all the lighting fixtures in the Scene Primitives list, press [Q] or select {Window > Device Control} to open the Device Control Panel and select the output option from the control stream mode dropdown menu. (This option can also be controlled from MA using the DMXMODE Albion parameter of each fixtures.)

Once these conditions are met, you will have to match a moving light fixture with the ID of a mobile Copernic tied to a performer or a prop. Once this is done, the moving light fixture group will automatically follow the performer or the prop.

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