Audio Multichannel Export

This step-by-step guide will help you configure Adobe Premiere to export a multichannel audio file and assign audio channels in PHOTON.

Adobe Premiere is used as an example. Most softwares used in digital audio workstations feature similar file export capacities.

Adobe Premiere Configuration

PHOTON will strictly read multichannel audio files wrapped as a .mov file with an embedded still image.

  1. Load the audio files you want to embed and a still image or video In Adobe Premiere.

  2. Create a new Sequence and go to the [Tracks] tab. Set “1” video track.

  3. Set Master as “multichannel” and set the correct number of channels (16 tracks will be used in this example).

  4. Add all 16 tracks using the [+] button.

  5. Set Pan/Balance at -100 one track out of two and keep track type as “standard”.

  6. Set output assignments for each tracks. (Ex : Track 1 goes on Master Track Channel 1-2, Track 2 on 1-2,Track 3 on 3-4, ..., Track 14 on 13-14,...). (see img 1)

  1. In Settings, set the correct preset for standard video format (ex: 720p@29.97).

  2. Add a still image or video to avoid a blank screen.

  3. Add audio files to the different tracks in Adobe Premiere. (Don’t worry about mono or stereo files, all will be assigned to the different channels preset correctly).

  4. Set in and out points and export the new sequence. (see img 2)

  1. In video settings, use a quicktime format (h.264, animation, prores, …)

  2. In audio settings, use 16 channels as output channels and enable Discrete Channel Layout.

PHOTON Import and Audio Configuration

  1. Import the audio file into PHOTON using the File Manager module.

  2. Check in the I/O manager / Audio Device that the correct audio interface is selected and make sure the Output Master Volume is not set at “0”. (see img 1)

  1. Create a new Media Clip on the Timeline and use the audio file as its source. (see img 2)

  1. Open Audio config by selecting the Media Clip and click on the [audio config] button.

  2. You can auto assign channels or deselect the option to manually assign channels to specific audio outputs. (see img 3)

  1. Adjust the Media Clip volume by selecting Media Clip on the Timeline.

  2. If you need to adjust volume on specific channels, you can open the Audio Device tab in I/O Manager module.

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