Make a Fly Through of the 3D Scene

This guide explains how to use the Rendering module to create a Fly Through.

You will need to use the following modules:

  • Rendering module;

  • Cue Editor module;

  • 3D Scene module;

  • Timeline module.

First set the following parameters of the Rendering module:

  1. Render folder: must be the Content folder of your project.

  2. Output resolution should be set as desired.

  3. Duration should be set as as the length of your fly-through and match the course of the playhead in the Timeline module.

  4. Frame rate should reflect the one of your project.

  5. MSAA: select multisample anti-aliasing.

  6. Output Format: either .MOV or .VCI.

  7. Output Mode: Preview 3D will render the 3D scene in the current selected mode.

  8. Sequence : which timeline will be rendered on the screens in the 3D scene in case you are in texture mode.

In the 3D Scene module

  • Set the ​3D Scene​ in the desired Operation mode either by selecting the mode at the top right or by pressing [1], [2], [3] or [4] to toggle between Modeling, Projection Study, Operation or Calibration.

The background color can be changed in all modes except for the Calibration mode. Select {View > Background Color} from the 3D Scene module’s Main menu. A color picker widget will open and let you select the desired color.

You can either use the default camera or set a custom camera by selecting one from the 3D Scene camera selection dropdown menu located in the top-right corner of the 3D Scene window.

To set a specific lens on a custom camera, select Window> Properties or Press [P] with the camera selected. You will the access the the properties for the selected camera. Use the fovy slider from the Properties panel to specify the lens’ field of view.

There is no camera path animation in PHOTON. However, camera positions can be cued.

You can also manually move your camera to create your fly-through or create a cue that will Frame [F] different cameras in time for a smoother movement.

By selecting a camera in the 3D Scene Primitives list and pressing [F], you will force the camera of the scene to move to that point of view.

By placing cameras in your Scene and creating cues that select and frame cameras with delays between them, you will create an animated fly-through.

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