The Preview Window is integrated in the Timeline Module and its purpose is to display the content of various components such as the 3D Scene, Screens and Layers. It is possible to create a second instance of the Preview Window that can prove useful when debugging complex visual compositions. It is also possible to use the Preview Window to render all Screens at once in a multi-preview.


Select {Show > Preview} or press [Alt+V].


A dropdown menu allows the selection of a specific display mode for the Preview Window which will determine its behavior.

  • Preview 2D: shows the visual composition displayed on the selected Screen.

  • Layer view: shows the source content of the Layers’ image-based Clips (prior to any subsequent transformations in the Shared Clip Properties).

  • Preview 3D: shows the 3D Scene in its current state from the point-of-view of a controllable camera.

  • Multi-Preview: show all Screens rendered on the local Server in a multi-view grid.


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