Interactive Floor with One OptiTrack Camera

Setup the Server to Access the Camera

  1. Start PHOTON.

  2. Open Setting menu {System > Settings}.

  3. Click on the PHOTON submenu.

  4. Set the server’s System Mode to either Controller or “Display Master. (img 1)

  5. Click on the Control submenu.

  6. Declare your local server as the ALBION Controller and Auto Calib Controller. (img 2)

Calibrate the Camera

  1. Open the 3D Scene module {System > 3D Scene}.

  2. Auto create the Optitrack cameras available on the network. (img 3 and img 4)

  3. Click on “OK” when the confirmation box appear in the middle of your screen.

  4. Create a plane in the 3D Scene module {Primitive > Default Objects > Plane}.

  5. Click on the plane in the Scene Primitives list (left of the 3D Scene window).

  6. Open the Transformation panel {3D Scene > Window > Transformation}.

  7. Measure (in meters) the LED screen or the projection surface.

  8. Set the X and Y scales of the Plane so it matches the previous measurements.

  9. Rotate the plane so it is parallel to the grid of the 3D Scene Preview. Input -90 as the value of the Rotate X slider located in the Transformation Panel.

  10. In the Calibration Tools Window, click on the camera that will be used for motion detection.

  11. Select “Apply Reconstruction Settings” from the SLAC Settings. (img 5)

  12. Put the camera in MJPEG in the video mode below Retro Reconstruction. Enable the IR Filter if the installation is equipped with an infrared light.

  13. Click on the dropdown menu Object Reference.

  14. Select the plane and then click on add.

  15. Use [Ctrl+double-click] to declare Calibration Points on each vertices corresponding to the corners of the plane.

  16. Manipulate the Calibration Points to apply a keystone geometric correction to the projected plane. Use the camera view to make sure the plane’s calibration is ok.

Use the Calibrated Camera in the Timeline

  1. In the Timeline module, create an Input Device clip in the Root.

  2. Select the proper input source for the clip in the Input Device Properties. (img 7)

  3. Create a virtual projector clip for the plane object. (It corresponds to the floor of your installation).

  4. Set the source of the virtual projector to the input device declared in the Root.

  5. The POV of the virtual projector will be the calibrated camera. (img 8)

  6. Create a Stack FX or a FX graph with the following effects:

    1. Create a Stack FX or a FX graph with the following effects: (img 9)

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