V7.9 Release Note



EGLUI Color Picker

  • Pick a color using the mouse as follows:

    • Ctrl + move = color under mouse

    • Ctrl + click = apply the color

  • RGB and HSV Values are now displayed

Alpha Support in Quicktime Render

Photon/Xenon always sets background to black on startup

3D Scene

Export projectors and cameras pyramid as models (OBJ)

  • Right-click on selected primitives:

    • Exported pyramid will be the length set in the 3D Scene

Export model now support multiple model selection

  • Right-click on selected primitives:

    • Will create as many obj files as selected

    • Models will be exported with their current transformation (Transformation and Vertex displacement)

Export 3D Object, Projector Camera & Moving Light data in a .CSV format

  • Right-click on selected primitives:

    • Creates a table where selected object's properties and transformations are described

Projector, camera and moving light 3D model representation

  • Combo box Brand Model in Properties menu:

    • Folder assets installed with the installer contains models and a simple definition file. UI auto generated

    • Default: no object

Custom 3D Scene camera

  • New combo box (right top of the scene)

  • All camera, projector or moving light of the scene can be used to control the main view. Allow to control all parameters of the view

Projector (camera & moving light) Array tool

  • Properties menu: create children with position pattern (grid, arc or circle)

View tab - new option to change background color (and reset to default)

  • All Mode except for calibration mode (stays RED)

Improved manual projector line-up control in PJ view window

  • Manual control has better precision when holding shift

  • Middle-click to manually zoom

Projection Study - Projector Statistics - added parameters

  • Added projector base dimensions

  • Added vertical and horizontal field of view

Calibration - Twister

  • Enables custom deformations on top of calibration

  • Per output

  • Custom sized deformation grid

Output Identification

  • Added Display Ident toggle in calibration

  • Overrides output rendering to show unique background color, 10 px rectangle around output with inverted color, connected device name and output name

  • Uses VYV font (Flavin Bold)

New FX

Liquid Paint FX

Vector Flow FX

Metaballs FX

  • Metaballs FX allows the user to control the behaviors of moving gaussian patterns that blend together to create content

    • Number of metaballs

    • Speed min and max of metaballs

    • Intensity of blending

    • Hue and range of Hue

    • Lifetime of each pattern

    • Attraction between patterns parameter

Camera FX

  • This FX renders the 3D scene from any projector or camera point of view. Options to render in different render types, shading, shadows and which objects to include or not are available

    • New parameters : render_mode, show_grid, show_blending, show_projectors

    • New combo to select Root SG primitive for scene rendering

    • Added screen-render mechanism to force surface render on display server when required for Camera FX

    • Added "use camera aspect" to use SG's camera aspect-ratio instead of resolution based aspect

    • Added "use camera resolution" to use SG's camera resolution instead of Layer's resolution

Line Generator FX

  • Allows you define the number of generated lines wanted, their orientation, their moving speed, their color and the color of the background

Conformal Tiling

  • This FX produces deformations on input clips based on mathematical expressions of several types (sinusoidal, polynomial, etc…) it allows to easily create endless and wrapping video loops

Chromatic Aberration

  • This FX can be used to reproduce photographic chromatic aberration or exaggerated red, green and blue distortions

Time Displacement FX

  • Record last N frames and uses a mask to fetch pixel color at a specified time in the past


New "Photoshop" blend modes

  • Difference

  • Color dodge

  • Color burn

  • Linear burn

  • Color divide

  • Color Blend

  • Screen-alpha

  • Exclusion

  • Hue

  • Saturation

  • Luminosity

Support for 23.964p / 50p / 59.94p / 60p frame rates for Playback and Rendering

Media properties : lock (right click) for in and out point.

  • When enabled, the value is never changed on media action


Bluefish & AJA live input cards Support

Custom resolution - (only in new_window_creation mode)

  • Now per output resolution instead of per server

  • Added optional offset X/Y

  • Leave offset empty defaults to previous automatic behavior

File Manager

Splitting/Cropping UI for conversion

  • User can now decide to convert a specific part of the media file

TIFF/TIF file support

  • TIFF files are automatically converted to 8bbp

Image Sequence Support

  • Uses project's frame-rate for file-sequence conversion




  • Shift - drag gives 10x slider precision

  • Ctrl - Shift - drag gives 1000x slider precision

  • Ctrl - drag allows sliders to go beyond their range

DPI Scaling

  • Fixed Win7/Win10 DPI scaling issues :

    • Sliders moving erratically

    • Mouse offset in full-screen

    • Non-centered splash screen

3D Scene

Fixed camera/projectors pyramid display when changing z-near/z-far

  • This fix does not affect render or tracking

3D Scene LED Previz

  • Attenuate / fade LED shader based on camera resolution/distance

Moving-light rendering

  • Render a circular beam and silhouette

  • Shadow now supported


  • Removed unexposed/unused intensity parameter


  • Always displays silhouette on selected primitives - but only on external borders

  • Wireframe mode now use opacity instead of silhouette_opacity

  • Silhouette_opacity defaulted to 0

Znear / Zfar (in Dev Menu)

  • now used in non calibrated view

RT Calib

  • Options in the Automation menu are now exposed for child projectors:

    • New menu in automation (for cameras)

    • Filtering values

    • RT activated

    • Reference model selection

File Manager

File Manager Warning

  • On delete, display warning if the selected files are used in the timeline

TIFF conversion optimisation

  • Faster TIFF conversion


  • Faster import of file sequence


Stack FX

  • A passthrough now applies when all FXs are deactivated

Clone FX

  • Multiple start times allow animation of the 'iteration' parameter

  • now follows the Timeline time (or Free Run time)

Graph FX

  • "Time Source" Node to get the clip time from the timeline

  • "Time" input slot to inject time for FXs that need it

Stack FX & Graph FX clips

  • The Timeline now injects clip time to graphs and FXs

  • Added "Free Run" options

Alpha Transfer (Clip Shader and FX)

  • Inverted Alpha option

Bug fixes alpha transfer

  • Was multiplied with current layer alpha if any alpha

  • Alpha-from-intensity was affected by color correction

  • Show-alpha option should display alpha as white color and discard alpha



  • BUGFIX MIDI out sending 3x garbage messages for each message sent

  • (bad loop check + non-initialized variables)

  • Restored Launchpad device highlight mapped buttons in Green

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