Keyframe Editor


The Keyframe Editor module allows the animation of any slider found in the Timeline module. It exists as an independent module but is also accessible in the Timeline tray. Contrary to Cues which are state-based and need a reset to be triggered again, animations will carry the exact same result every time. When something needs to behave exactly in the same manner every time in a show, you should animate it. By drawing curves in the Keyframe Editor interface, you can move or scale a Clip in a Screen, animate color or any FX parameter such as fades (image or sound), crop, rotate, etc.


Select {Show > Keyframe Editor} or press [Alt+K].


  • Bezier curves and animation keyframes.

  • Editing tools

  • Automatic ease in and out.

  • Create animation loops.

  • Sync the Keyframe Editor module to the Timeline or run it independently.

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