Cue Editor


The Cue Editor module facilitates the creation of Cues. Cues are pre-recorded series of actions and parameter modifications set in a specific order of execution. This sequence of actions can be affected by variables such as delays, timings and target values. In other words, any parameter, slider, toggle or dropdown menu found in PHOTON’s UI can be affected by a Cue.


Select {Show > Cue Editor} or press [Alt+Q].


  • Cue Recording: Record any action performed in PHOTON and store it in a Cue.

  • Cue Editing: Tweak Cue parameters after recording.

    • Delay

    • Offset and Multiple Delays

    • Timing

    • Target Values

    • Easing

  • Progress View: See realtime parameter change during Cue execution.

  • Playlists: Create playlists to organize and arrange collections of Cues to facilitate show programming.

  • Filters: Activate toggles to filter out Cues from the list.

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