FX Graph


The FX Graph module is a graphical programming environment embedded within PHOTON. Various functions (math, logic, etc.) represented by nodes can be connected in its interface in order to create Graphs that can accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Graphs are the choice solution when you need to treat and exchange data between PHOTON’s many modules or to and from external third-party software and hardware. They are also helpful when a project relies on advanced image manipulation and creation such as 3D particle systems, VFX and compositing.


Select {Show > FX Graph} or press [Alt+X].


  • Graphs can be exported and imported into shows in order to favor reusability.

  • Use the built-in Graph Assets to save time, get inspired or learn how the nodal system works.

  • Transfer and scale data for a wide variety of components.

  • Create logical control structures to trigger visual events.

  • Build complex interactive visuals that rely on various types of data (tracking, audio analysis, etc.)

  • Combine the 6 different types of nodes into Graphs to solve most problems you might encounter when building a complex show.

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