Connect PHOTON and QLab Through UDP

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PHOTON has the capacity to send and listen to messages written in the UDP protocol. This means that PHOTON can trigger or be triggered by other UDP compatible devices on a network.
This guide presents the steps involved into configuring QLab and PHOTON correctly so they can send basic commands to each other, such as pause and play.
The communicating computers first need to be set on the same network. For example, PHOTON’s IP address could be set at and QLab’ IP address at, both having subnet mask set to
  • Once the network settings are ok for both parties, go to the OSC tab of the preferences menu [CMD+,] in QLab.
  • In an empty patch slot, add PHOTON as a destination and correctly set the IP address and port.
The default communication port to send UDP commands to PHOTON is 55503.
  • Next, in PHOTON, configure the destination you want to send cues to. Open to the I\O manager [ALT+i] and click of the Network Protocol tab.
The cue must match QLab’s IP address and communication port.
The default port to send UDP to QLab is 53535.
The syntax QLab is using. If the user wishes to launch cue number1 the syntax should be as follow: /cue/{number}/start. The same applies for a stop except you use the Stop command; /cue/{number}/stop. It is important to add a space before the slash in the command line for QLab.
To send cues from Qlab to PHOTON, the user needs to drop an OSC cue in the cue list. Then, in the Settings tab, at the bottom of the workspace, the destination needs to be set to PHOTON. The message type should be changed to Raw UDP string (instead of OSC). Finally, the proper command shall be entered in the message box with the correct syntax.